Associate Professor Peta Clode

University of Western Australia

Peta completed her PhD on microscopy and X-ray microanalysis of calcification processes in reef corals in the Alan Marshall stable at La Trobe University, in 2002. From this she developed interests in structure-function relationships (particularly in symbiotic / parasitic systems) and in ion and nutrient transport strategies. Since 2003 Peta has been an academic in the Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis at The University of Western Australia. She was Deputy Director 2014-15 and is currently the Director of Teaching. She is responsible for leading applications and research in the imaging and characterisation of biological systems. Her recent interdisciplinary research extends from C and N dynamics in plant, soil, and marine systems, to understanding the cellular basis of Ca and P toxicity and salinity tolerance in plants, to investigating Australian wildlife pathogens. With this her microscopy expertise extends across optical, ion, electron, and X-ray based systems and ancillary analytical and sample preparation methods.