Copy of Prof. David A. Muller, Cornell University

Professor David A. Muller

Cornell University, UK

David Muller is the Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Engineering in the School of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University, and the co-director of the Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science. His current research interests include developing the hardware and algorithms for high-speed pixelated detectors for imaging beyond the diffraction limit, and the atomic-scale control and characterization of matter for applications in energy storage and conversion. David is a graduate of the University of Sydney and received a Ph.D. from Cornell University. As a scientist at Bell Labs, he applied his research on imaging single atoms and atomic-scale spectroscopy to determine the physical limits on how small a transistor can be made.  He has developed quantitative imaging and characterization methods to explore the chemistry, electronic structure and bonding inside objects as diverse as fuel cells, batteries, transistors, and two-dimensional superconductors.  David is a fellow of both the American Physical Society and the Microscopy Society of America, and recipient of the MSA Burton Medal and MAS Duncumb Award.